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Youngstown is a quaint village near Niagara Falls.

But this little town can host some big celebrations. And what better way to take your party to the next level than with a photo booth rental?

With a photo booth from Youngstown Photo Booth Rental, you give your event, celebration, or party some excitement and fun. Renting a photo booth can take your party to the next level, giving guests precisely what they need. Once the party is over, all your guests will love your idea of a photo booth rental.


Standard Booths

With our affordable and budget-friendly standard booths, it’s our goal to give you the most entertaining and best photo booth experience in Youngstown. We have the best customer service and provide top-quality prints to ensure that you get to enjoy a photo booth rental without any worry or stress.


Social & Mirrored Booths

We have been in business for quite some time now. During this time, we have managed to please our clients. We understand and know precisely what folks are seeking in photo booths, and we want to give them what they want. With our social & mirrored booths, we believe in providing the best you by letting you send your images to your cell instantly and posting your photos to your social media pages in seconds.


Corporate Booths

When you rent a corporate booth from us, you will also be assigned a booth attendant who will be present at your corporate event. The reason for this is to guarantee that you or your guests do not deal with any issues related to the photo booth. The attendant also can answer any questions, as well as help you decide what photo booth options will fulfill your needs.

Contact us today to hear about how we can bring the fun to your Christmas party, trade show, or retirement celebration.

Why Choose Us
Why Select Us?

We all celebrate different occasions every year. However, after some time the memories begin to fade away. Another year, you’re left with nothing but distant memories of the good time you had. Now you know a way in which you can seize those crucial moments. And that is through photos, but hiring a photographer is costly.

Let us give you a chance to make your wedding, birthday, graduation, corporate event, or school dance something to remember! Call us today to book a booth!

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