During wedding seasons, you attend numerous weddings. The best weddings always have amenities like an open bar. There is also another fun idea that is popping up: photo booth for weddings.

Photo booths are everywhere now and with good reason. Most photo booth rental companies have lots of various photo options. Below are some reasons why it is necessary to have a wedding photo booth.


Photo Booths for Weddings Mean More Pics

The whole time the professional photographer is taking pics of everyone inside drinking and dancing, folks will be in the photo booth taking pictures. You get double the photos of every guest having the best time at your wedding reception.


Get Your Pictures Early

No one wants to wait weeks for wedding photos. A wedding photo booth remedies that problem. You can take a picture with anyone at the wedding and post it on your social media pages immediately. You can even create a photo album online and put the wedding pics inside.

Buffalo Photo Booth Rental photo booth for weddings receptions

                A perfect spot for wedding photos

The bottom line is you can post about how fabulous the wedding was without waiting years for the album to get to you. 


Easy Giveaway Gift

Photo booth pics make way better wedding souvenirs than hand-made paper flowers from Pinterest. Your guests will put their photo booth wedding pics away in a particular place. Years from now, they will take them out and reminisce about how much fun your special day was. 


Fun Break

You’ve eaten. You’ve boogied down on the dance floor. So, it’s time to take a break and get your drink on. Instead of sitting around making small talk, grab some friends and head over to photo booth. It gives you a break and fantastic wedding pics at the same time. 


The Seniors Have Something to Do

Weddings mean relatives of all ages are coming. Your seniors might not be able to party all night long. Although, when it comes to partying, some elderly folks can outlast the youngsters.

But if Uncle Joe’s hip replacement means he won’t be dancing, you can drag him to the photo booth. He can create some fabulous memories wearing big, crazy glasses and a top hart while making silly faces with his grand-kids.

If you are putting ideas together for a wedding or any other type of party, consider renting a photo booth. Call us at Buffalo Photo Booth to discuss rates and booth sizes.