Photo Booth Rental in Lewiston

The One to Know for Photo Booth Rentals in Lewiston

Lewiston is a historical town in western New York. If you are planning a celebration in Lewiston, you should consider renting a photo booth.

It’s easy to be passionate when you enjoy what you do and when you’re working with happy people planning amazing events. Their enthusiasm and excitement are contagious in a positive way. We’re fascinated with every new feature that is developed for photo booths. We even make sure that our props aren’t outdated and we’re continually adding to our collection.


Standard Booths

Aggressive individuals belong on the football field, not photo booths. Since our clients and we know we’re the best, we don’t have to be pushy. If you’re on a budget, we will suggest our standard booth. We won’t try to push a more expensive one on you.

We aim to aid you in making the right decision by discussing with you what makes us unique and what counts when searching for photo booth rental service in Lewiston.


Social & Mirrored Booths

You don’t want your photo booth to remain empty during your event.

Our social & mirrored booths are jam-packed with distinctive features like GIF creation, email marketing, onsite printing, posting photos to social media, or starting a selfie and letting the mirrored booth handle the rest.

Potential clients love us, and we love them right back. We’re proud of hundreds of positive online business reviews. Visit us online and see what we have to offer!


Corporate Booths

Our professional lighting and software have resulted in our photo booths being flawlessly lit, accurately color balanced, and sharper. The pics from your corporate event should look as good as the people in them.

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Why Pick Us?

While add-ons are like mustard, ketchup, and relish on a hot dog, we’re proud that no other Lewiston photo booth rental company can ketchup to our selection of matchless relishes we’ve been able to mustard up over time.

Unlike others, our props are always in excellent condition. Our green screens allow you to be anywhere you desire. Our memory books are beautiful and made exclusively for you. With us, your customizing options are unlimited.

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