A family reunion is when family members from all over the world get together for a big weekend celebration. This party creates bonds that are typically impaired by distance. You want your family reunion to be unforgettable. The best way to capture the feeling of family is with a photo. Below are some incredible ideas for family reunion keepsakes


Ideas for Family Reunion Keepsakes: The Big Picture

If you a big family picture, keep in mind that getting ingenious with posing takes lots of time, and folks can get restless. With that in mind, plan the picture. A human pyramid, or a couple of human pyramids, makes a routine family photo fun. 

If you have senior family members that aren’t up for any physical activity, let the outfits be entertaining. Create family reunion T-shirts that are the same design, but various colors representing each of the smaller families. 

If your family is silly, number baseball tees and have the oldest family member wear number one, and the youngest one wears the highest number. There aren’t any rules that state folks must be shoulder-to-shoulder in a straight line for a family picture.



Getting the cousins together to take a photo could be more of strenuous activity. On the other hand, it can genuinely be entertaining.Buffalo Photo Booth Rental tips and ideas for family reunion keepsakes

If the group is little enough, have each cousin lie on the ground facing the camera. They can do this in a circle or in a line varying in which direction they’re facing, so everyone gets in the picture. Let the males wear the same shirts and the females wear the same accessory. Don’t forget to have everybody wear sunglasses. The idea is to make it fun and playful. 



Putting siblings together for a picture entails a bit more intimacy. One concept is to line them up in order height to view their physical differences and similarities. Another thought is to have them embrace in a group hug on lean on each other to display the extraordinary sibling bond. If you want a silly crazy photo, let them play a game, making it appear everyone is having a good time. 


The Past and the Present 

This idea is becoming more well-liked, though it entails a little more planning than the other plans. Take an old family reunion photo and have everybody pose as they did in the old picture.

Recreating an old photo shows how much your family has grown. Another great idea is to rent a photo booth for your family reunion. Contact Buffalo Photo Booth to discuss all your options.