Whether it’s the company picnic or school picture day, you can’t avoid taking group photos. Also, they are the first pictures taken out when everyone looks through the family photo album, 

Group pictures can be stressful to complete and hard to manage. Below are some tips to help you get topnotch results.


Best Background and Light for Group Photos 

When taking a picture, the worst thing you can do is get ten people posed only to see that the lighting is off. Not to mention the group has a line of green trashcans behind them. 

In that second, you realize you are going to have to redo the whole shot, and you’ve just squandered everyone’s time.

Avert the entire fiasco by taking a few minutes beforehand to examine your location and the direction of your light. Create your shot in your mind previously, putting people into the right spots. 


Be Quick

Getting the attention of a group of folks isn’t easy. When it comes to taking a group picture, the weakest link is going to be the individual with the tiniest attention span or the least patient person. Buffalo Photo Booth Rental Take Amazing Group Photos

This fact increases by a hundred when photographing children. Having a strategy and fulfilling it as fast as possible will keep folks in their spots, engaged with you and the camera. If you take too long, people will begin to wander, physically and mentally.


Avoid Shadows

You also have to take into consideration the shadows people make. As you put folks next to each other, watch where their shadows drop. If their girth or height is making the person next to them fall into a dark spot, regroup everyone. It’s way simpler to fix the issue on the spot than it is to fix in the picture.


Smile and Stay Calm

You are the authority in this situation. Your subjects look to you for guidance. Be a good example, even if you are exhausted. Also, you should be in a good mood and smiling at your group. You being positive makes the people photographed more likely to smile and delighted to be taking the picture.

You can also use a photo booth to take a group photo. Reach out to us at Buffalo Photo Booth to find out more information about our photo booths.