You’ve seen people attempting to get the most out of their photo booths. However, their efforts fall flat. So, below are some tips on how to set up a photo booth. 


How to Set Up a Photo Booth: Backdrop 

Regardless if you’re at a wedding or the officer Christmas party, a photo booth is difficult to miss, So, you need to be sure the backdrop compliments your affair, producing some excellent pictures. It doesn’t matter how good you look in an image. If the background is terrible, it takes away from a fabulous photo. 


Get a Group Photo

Crazy group photos are some of the best reasons for getting a photo booth at a party. You pack 12 people into a booth. Each one is trying to get his or her face in front of the camera. Folks are standing, squatting, and contorting at bizarre angles. You can’t help but laugh. 

Even though there is comedic value in fitting the whole accounting department in one picture, a photo booth isn’t the place to get a high-quality group photo.Buffalo Photo Booth Rental how to set up a photo booth


Put Your Photo Booth in a High-Traffic Spot

You want your party to be welcoming, fostering mingling and interaction. There was a lot of money, effort, and time put into making sure it’s lovely. So, be sure and encourage your guests to step into your photo booth. 


Be Creative

With a photo booth, your goal is to create the most magnificent photo experience possible. Therefore, ask questions about what your photo booth rental includes. For example, if you want the company’s logo on the pictures, ask if it is possible. From a full set to custom props, with a photo booth, the options are endless. 


Post Your Photos 

When you take a picture with a photo booth, you can post your photo on your social media pages immediately. If you have any issues, there is a staff member ready to assist. 

Take your wedding, anniversary, graduation, bachelorette, or birthday party to the next level. Call Buffalo Photo Booth to find out how a photo booth rental can bring that special touch to your celebration.