Pets fill a place in our families and our hearts. We have pictures of our pets hanging on the wall or sitting on our desk at work. However, when it comes to picture taking, unlike humans, pets don’t understand what you are trying to do. Your furry family member refuses to pose for the camera. Here are some suggestions to aid you in getting the most out of your photo session with your pet.


Use Natural Light in Pictures of Pets

If you can, always use natural light when taking pictures of your pet. Don’t use flash. Flash not only frightens your furry friend but also creates red eyes. Instead, try taking the photos outside. If you prefer inside, photograph in a window with a large window. 


Sharp Eyes 

Having sharp eyes is crucial in any photography. A pet’s eyes are very expressive. Therefore, be sure to focus on your pet’s eyes, keeping the tack sharp. 


Go To Your Pet 

It is vital that your pet feels relaxed and comfortable. So, instead of calling your furry companion to come to you, you go to your pet. 

More importantly, get down on their level. Show everyone the way your pet sees the world. Sit on the floor, lie on your stomach, and shoot from the pet’s eye level.

Buffalo Photo Booth Rental pictures of pets

Pet Personality

You understand your pet better than anyone else. A victorious picture is one that expresses the character of its subject. If your pet loves to lounge around, take a picture of your pet stretched out.




One of the hardest things is your pet being still so you can take a picture. A simple trick is to let him play. Once you have the camera set up, whistle to get our pet’s attention. This action will surprise your furry family member. You have a few minutes to capture the look in a lovely photograph.


Photo Session

If you want a formal pet portrait, try to schedule a professional photo session when your pet is sleepy. You will be able to deal comfortably with your furry companion.

Instead of paying a professional photographer to take pet photos, you might want to consider a photo booth rental. With colorful props and various backgrounds, you will have interesting, fun pictures of your pet. 

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