Baby Shower Photo Booth Rental

Rent a Photo Booth for Your Baby Shower

As you search for a Buffalo photobooth rental, keep in mind it’s not just for weddings or birthdays anymore. Baby showers are a fun and exciting place to bring a photo booth in!

Baby showers are already fun and exciting time, as you are celebrating a brand new life and the happiest time in the new parent’s life! Everyone attending is going to be just as excited, and what better way to show off that excitement and create an amazing memento for both parents and baby than to have a fun themed photo booth?

Some of the fun ways you can use your photo booth are:

  • During a gender reveal
  • Keep guests occupied during downtime
  • As a photo album
  • To give special messages to the new baby
  • To make party favors for guests!

Gender reveals at a baby shower are becoming increasingly popular. What better way to capture the exact moment that your guests find out if baby is a boy or girl than to put them in a photo booth with a card and take a picture as they find out?

The look on their faces will be a moment to cherish for everyone involved, and create a unique keepsake for the mommy-to-be as well as the baby when he/she grows up.

Buffalo Photo Booth Rental Creates Magical Moments At Your Party

Everyone at the baby shower wants to have fun, including the host. It’s hard to capture a picture of each guest for mommy and baby to have later. So, let your guests and photo booth attendant do the work for you! Each guest can go in when they have time and take their pictures in their own special way. 

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Baby Shower Photo Booths are a Hit!

Your photo booth attendant can create a special album for you before your party is over, and each guest can take a copy of their pictures home too! A great party favor for them and a special memory to treasure for mommy-to-be!

As each guest takes their picture, they can write a special note to the new baby on the photo strip that goes into the album. This makes the perfect gift to give to the new baby later on down the road, especially for something like an 18th birthday. This is the gift that keeps on giving and creates a special memento to last a lifetime.

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