Anniversary Photo Booth Rental

Rent a Photo Booth for Your Anniversary Celebration

Anniversaries are a wonderful time of celebration. They are a special occasion of love and family, especially those that are a decade or more.

Getting pictures of everyone there, and creating keepsakes that everyone can hold on to for years is an important part of this celebration. Renting a photo booth is the perfect way to ensure that your family can have keepsakes for years to come.

When a couple celebrates their anniversary, they love to have a good record of everyone that shows up. It’s a good memory for them to have, and it’s fun to look back throughout the years to see how much that circle of family and friends has grown. Buffalo Photo Booth Rental can really help create and keep those memories.


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Some of what you can do with a photo booth includes:

  • Creating an instant photo album
  • Let each guest write a note to the couple in the album
  • Give each guest a keepsake to take home
  • Personalize each picture with event information

Photobooths are increasing with popularity each year, however, it’s not often that you see one at an anniversary. At least not yet. So let the party that you throw be a special and unique one, and rent a beautiful photo booth, complete with props that fit your party’s theme.

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Plan to have an Anniversary Party Photo Booth at Your Celebration!

Each photo booth rental includes:

  • Dedicated booth attendant to help your guests
  • Props that fit your party’s theme
  • Background colors in your choice of theme
  • Instant photo strips with event information

Photo booths are enjoyed by everyone, young and old. And each person has a great time hanging out in the booth, taking pictures, and creating memories. Plus, having a photo booth can really ease any stress you may be under while ensuring that you get at least one picture of each guest in attendance to share with the couple celebrating.

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Let the professionals at Buffalo Photo Booth Rental help you with your next event. You are spending a good deal of time planning and preparing, let us handle all the pictures.

Give us a call today for a free quote on renting a photo booth for your anniversary celebration. You can reach us at 585-416-0589, or by submitting the form on this page. We look forward to making your anniversary a truly memorable event!

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